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On Tuesday I went for a recheck with my surgeon and got those hideous drains out of my skin at last!  He also took out about half of the staples, every other one.  I got steri-strips in their place, alternated with the remaining staples.

He said the reason my bellybutton looked like it wasn’t healing together properly is because bellybuttons don’t like being held up the way the staples held it up.  He took out about half of those staples too, and my bellybutton has since sunk down into my belly a little bit more like it should.  There’s still a lot of drainage from it though, so I’m having to pack it with gauze to keep it as dry as possible.  Kinda gross, but manageable.  The surgeon also agreed that my bellybutton is, in fact, off center just a tad.  He said a lot of the problem right now is that there is a lot more swelling and fluid build-up on the right side of my belly, so it makes it look a lot worse.  Once that goes down it won’t be quite as noticeable.  But if I d
on’t like it once I’m all healed, he’d be happy to remove the bellybutton altogether if I’m unhappy with it.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, so I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

I was also released from the abdominal binders!!!  He said I could use a normal tummy control garment from now on as long as I wear them constantly other than for showers (for another 3+ months).  I chose Maidenform brand, and tried several different styles before I chose to stick with the romper style.  The proper size for me, large 12/14, is ridiculously hard to get on, but once its on it provides wonderful compression for proper healing.  Its much more comfortable because it moves with me rather than folding, pinching and poking like the binders did.  All the reviews said always get a size up, but honestly I don’t think that would provide the compression I need.  Its a battle to get the proper size on, but it does what its suppose to.  So I can’t complain too much, and I definitely recommend the proper size to get the job done for this particular cause.

I’ve been quite a bit more active since that appointment so my pain has been increased slightly.  But the discomfort from the drains is gone, so it sort of balances out.  I’m still needing to take frequent rest breaks.  I’m still trying to take things as easy as possible so I continue to heal quickly.  I get the rest of my staples out next Monday.

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