A New Duck

I had Cecil last year, for about a year and a half.  I got him as a baby from the farm store along with a second duck that didn’t live past a few weeks old.  Cecil was my buddy, and stayed in the house until he was fully feathered.  He followed me around and cuddled with me on the couch.  When I put him outside, he ended up being more wild, and bonded with the neighbor’s duck who was just on the other side of the fence.  Cecil and our dog Penny were buddies, but every so often she got a wild hair and would rough him up pretty bad.  He lived through 3 bloody attacks, and then Penny stopped picking at him… until one day I left her out with him unattended for maybe 15 minutes, and she killed him quite brutally.  She was pretty proud of herself, and I was just sick with grief.  My duck buddy was dead.  I swore I’d get another someday, but not while I had a dog.

Fast forward to now.  Penny was being left unattended at home far too much, so I found her a new home where she can run and play with other dogs, and we can visit her any time we want.  And the kind of dog I want is far out of my price range right now, not to mention I’m really not up for raising a new puppy at this time.  So I got myself a new duck buddy!

IMG_20170418_153334_171He was hatched on April 12, and came home with me on April 13.  He is a Pekin, which means he will be about 7-8 lbs full grown, and white, just like Cecil was.  His name is Clyde.

I’ve decided since our yard isn’t fenced, he will be a house duck unless for some reason that doesn’t work out.  But the plan at this point is to keep him in the house.  I have purchased some starter duck diapers, and when he outgrows those I can purchase a permanent one in adult duck size.  Since he’s an only duck, he has really taken to us.  This will be a fun journey. 😀

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